PTA Tips – Creating A Fillable Meet Your Teacher Worksheet

How to use Canva and PowerPoint to create a fillable Meet Your Teacher worksheet.

Use to Select a Fun Template has plenty of cute, fun, and beautifully designed “Meet the Teacher” templates. If you have a Canva for Nonprofits account, you already have access to these templates for free.

Edit the Template (Removing the Text)

Once you’ve selected the template you like. Make sure it is sized for 8.5 x 11 printing. Then, simply remove any text where you want teachers to be able to enter their own words.

Download as a .png File

Download your edited design as a .png file for use in your fillable template.

Create a PowerPoint Template

Create a new PowerPoint template. Resize it to 8.5 x 11 inches and create a new layout from the View/Slide Master ribbon.

Use the PNG file as a Background

Insert the .png file you downloaded from and center it on your new layout.

Insert Text Placeholders & Save

Add placeholder text boxes in the areas where you want teachers to fill out information about themselves.

Save Your New Meet the Teacher Template

Exit the Slide Master View. Change the layout of the active slide to the layout you just created and you’re finished. Save the file and send to your teachers.

Video Walkthrough of Process